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That’s So Motley

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

So, I was hanging with my friend Adam last week in Chinatown. He told me he had submitted his latest record to the Music Genome Project–known better by its public face, Pandora Radio–and he was curious to see what artists their complex mathematical equations would link to his music. I told him that my latest record, Get Through, was on Pandora, and naturally he went to his iPhone to see what my name would bring up.

Now, I’ll be honest–I’ve done this before. In the past, I’d found that my “station” would play me (obviously), ’70s arena-rock (Frampton!), and some deeply obscure power-pop and geek-rock acts. (FWIW, without Pandora, I might never have heard Bowling For Soup’s “My Wena.”) The complexity of Pandora’s equations always befuddles me; their Prince station recently played Rick James‘ “Give It To Me Baby” (sure), followed by an Earth Wind & Fire track (I get it) and Christopher Cross‘ funktastic 1979 jam “Sailing” (wait, what?!)

So I warned Adam as to what he might expect. Sure enough, after one track from Get Through, we got a live track from Kansas, followed by an obscure power-pop band (I didn’t write it down, sorry), and a solo tune by Vince Neil. As in, Motley Crue facelift frontman Vince Neil.

I’ve never been so excited about being linked to another artist. Not because I’m any great fan of the man’s work, but because I love the idea of some unwitting Motley Crue fan having the exact same “wait, what?!” moment when one of my tracks comes up on their personalized Pandora.

The song? Studio-polished rock-radio fare. But on closer inspection, we noticed that it was accompanied by possibly the worst album cover art ever:

“It looks like a liquor ad,” said Adam.

But wait, there’s more. Tattoos and Tequila is an album of cover songs, we discovered. (Plus two originals, one of which was the bland modern-rock tune we heard that evening.) And it comes with an alternate cover, just as awful as the first.

But wait, again: Turns out the CD accompanies a new, “tell-all” autobiography by Mr. Neil, that bears the same title as the disc. (Or vice versa. Whatevs.)

Which leads me to wonder if Vince has ever read The Dirt, especially considering he “co-wrote” it. How do you out-tell-all that?

So, to anyone who accidentally came across my music via Pandora (and especially via the Vince Neil station), welcome! The hair-metal section is right over here.