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The Road

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

I’m hitting the road next week for a series of shows with the excellent Mark Schwaber. Shows are scheduled in Philadelphia, DC, Brooklyn, and Massachusetts. We hope to see you there!

Also, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be playing at the 5th Annual 30A Songwriters Festival in Walton County, Florida, this January! Richard Thompson, Ani DiFranco, Loudon Wainwright III, and John Oates are just a few of the amazing artists scheduled to perform. Early bird tickets are on sale now. I’ll be playing some dates on the way down and back, so watch this space for more upcoming tour dates.

Like A Scud

Friday, January 27th, 2012

John has been selected to open three shows for the reunited Scud Mountain Boys. Details are available on the shows page.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Scud Mountain Boys, fronted by Joe Pernice (now of the Pernice Brothers), were considered one of the foremost bands of the “alt-country” movement. The band split in 1997 and did not perform together again until last August, when three of the four members reunited onstage at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, Mass. (John opened the show), leading to the current reunion tour. Here’s a clip of the 3/4-reunited band playing “Freight of Fire” at that very show:

Another Auld Lang Syne

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

It’s almost a new year. I’m not about to say this was the best year ever, but I also can’t get behind everyone who’s saying it sucked. Personally, I got to play more music this year than probably any other year of my life, and that’s all I could ever wish for. I spent almost four months on the road in 2011. Joined a bunch of bands (and had one break up, but such is life). Released a new album, and got at least one more ready for the world. Met enough cool people to last several lifetimes. Not so bad, all in all. I welcome 2012 with open arms, in the hopes that all of these successes will multiply and flourish over the next 12 months.

Regarding touring: I had originally intended to blog thoughts and images from the road. Really, I did. But my spring solo tour came after three solid months of contacting bands and venues, booking and advancing shows, plus all the stuff that goes along with releasing a new record (album art, publicity, etc.). And my relationship with writing had been soured somewhat by a freelance job that owed me a ton of dough. The last thing I wanted to do was sit in front of my laptop and barf up more words. So I took a few months off. And then a few more months.

Then, the fall tour with The Morning After Girls came and went, and I realized I’d just been tweeting the whole time. Unfortunately, any kind of tour recap would be redundant, if not impossible, at this point. But I will say this: The stress and lifestyle of touring can bring you to your lowest point, but it can also lift you to your highest. Those high points are why I do this: the validation provided by someone shouting “yeah!” among the applause after a song; a sweet personal note on the mailing list after the show; the brief emotional plateau that comes from knowing you’re doing what you do at your best. Here’s hoping for another 50 tours.

Rather than wax nostalgic about individual moments–because that could take forever–I’m simply going to list the names of the people who made my 2011 a truly terrific year, whether they were integral to my creative growth or a super-fan who came to every local show, whether they lent a hand with load-in or let me crash on their sofa. The order is almost totally random. If I missed anyone, it was very much unintentional. It’s a very long list.

KFM, Ariel Hyatt, my brothers in the Morning After Girls (Sacha, Martin, Alex and E.J), Andrea Kremer, Keith Hosmer, Jason Schultz, J. McCarron, Adrian Cohen, Will McCranie, Seth Faulk, Jonathan Lam, Matt Krahula/Nightmare River Band, Rebecca Rosenkranz, Jason and Kevin and Derek (Soren Well), Adam Greenberg, Patrick Bower, Darren Will, Luther Russell, Mark Connor, Ben Karis-Nix, Eric Halder, Sarah Clark, Scott Smith, Terry McClain, Nathan Glass, Tom McWatters, Bob Buckley, Albie Von Schaaf, Tess Collins and all at McGeary’s, Brett Portzer, Ryan Slowey, Troy Pohl, Matt McWatters, Felipe Torres, Roger Paul Mason, Alan Foreman, Kristin Sidorak/Violet Trouper, Jody Stephens/Ardent, Joyce Linehan, Joe Pernice, Paul Melancon, The Black Tag, Josh Bloom/Fanatic Promotion, NBC10 in Philadelphia, WNYC, Eli Asher, Josh Henderson, Melissa Tong, Noah Hoffeld, Dan Loomis, Chicago Acoustic Undergound, Fearless Radio, Ninelle Efremova, The Hounds Below, Dead Meadow, Harper Blynn, Levi Weaver, Jennifer Gilson/The Living Room, The Deli magazine, Chris Cogott (love the cover tune), Phantogram, Prince, Billy and Maria Nicgorski/The Cobbs, Rob Campanella, Prescott Kagan, Sam Libretti, Adam Long, Chuck Oney and all at Bethel Road Pub, Alan Lewis, Bengt Aleksander and Action Camp, Anthony Johnson, Jason Falkner, Jen Raines, Christian Bland, Alex Maas, Louise and Jade and Rose in Tucson, Nadia Kazmi, Andrew Vehlies, Jimmy Gnecco, Eliza Hittman, Scott Cummings, Paranoid Social Club, Sloan, Chris and Dave at WEXT, Greg Haymes/Nippertown, Metroland, Billy Kekevian/, Kuki/the Dearloves, Vintage Thrift, Make Music New York, Fifth Nation (Music and Julia), Elias/The Flying Eyes, Otis Taylor, David at the White Mule, Michael Jones/WUSC, Josh Roberts, Matt Gross/A Heart Is A Spade, Brett Rosenberg, Tom Pappas, Mike Caffrey, Converse Rubber Tracks, Lorna at the Listening Room, Hyoejin Yoon, Fiona Silver, Heather at the Triple, Mark Connor, Jay Martin, X-Ray Eyeballs, Eddie/Awendaw Green, David at Village Tavern in Charleston, Uncle Mountain, Janine at Lulu’s, Madeleine Wright, Fitz at Republic Coffee, Pam at the Naked Bean, Hanna Unverzagt, Laura Thomas/ComboPlate Booking, Caritas of Austin, Jen DaRe and ATN Showcase, Invisible Children, Charlene Kaye, Megan Cox, Damian David, Mike Giblin/Parallax Project, Craig Marshall, Jessie Torrisi, Backwords, SuperHappyFunLand (strangest venue ever), Becky Middleton, Megan Slankard, Tori Sparks, Aficionado, Summer People, Devin and all at Blackbird Buvette, Laura Baboulis, Lonna Marie/UGA, Casey Reed/Half Windsor, Jennifer at The Beat in LV, Mark Fribush(!), Ben at Hidden House, Keith Caruana, Ryan Lukas/The Big Nasty, all at the Motley/Scripps College, Lestat’s, Soda Bar, Sharon Van Etten, Marko Shafer/Hotel Cafe, David Poe, Bleu, Graham Colton, Shawn & Jen, Linnaea’s, David and Margeaux, Caitlin Roper, Taylen, Janis Logan and all at Vintage Wine, Julie Westlin-Naigus, Uncle Joe and Aunt Tammy, the folks from Bill’s in Yakima, Everyone in SLC, Mary Emrich (happy birthday!) and family, Walnut Room Pizzeria, Olivia & Kayla, all at Mercury Cafe, Dechen Hawk at Laughing Goat, Mule/The Longest Day of the Year, Steve Jamrozy/Side Door and Flat Iron in Omaha, The Humbugs, everyone at Cause, Taylor Dahlin, Vu/WeHeartMusic, all at Indie Coffee in Madison, Wisc., Alex and Kim and all of Suzuki Beane, Trolley, all at Brillobox, PGH Punk Rock Karaoke, Aamco in Pittsburgh, Margie Rosenkranz/The Eighth Step, Jenifer/Market Market Cafe, Amber Rubarth and Jim Bianco, Erin Pihlaja, Sean Rowe, Chris Cornell, Drome Sound, Filter magazine, Jay Space, Scott DiPatria, Rob Turner, Xemu Records, Spindrift, Troubadour Dali, Shawn/Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, the Vandelles, Julian Woolsey/Perfect Prescription, Chloe Ryan, Anna Hergott, Heather Hennessey, Douglas Nelson, Millie/Sounds Australia, everyone at the Basement/Graveyard Tavern (ATL), Black Box Revelation.

You are champions, one and all. See you in 2012.

What’s Shakin’?

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

A few months back, John signed on as drummer for the Australia-via-NYC band The Morning After Girls. Their fall tour with Black Box Revelation criss-crossed the United States, earning the band some of the best reviews of their career. They’ve now settled back in New York, and are in the early stages of recording a new album. Here’s a clip of the band playing in Austin, Texas on October 1:

Meanwhile, John is continuing work on his forthcoming LP, tentatively titled Hope Songs. The new collection will feature many of the songs that have been staples of his live show over the last few years, including this one:


Monday, April 4th, 2011

The Record Release show for Tiger Pop Ten is tonight at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. John goes on at 8 PM. More details here and here.

Also, there have been a few changes in the itinerary for the second leg of the Tiger Pop Ten Tour:

- The April 13 show in Spokane has been moved to Bill’s Place in Yakima, Wash.
- April 15 and 16 will be double-show dates in Salt Lake City and Denver (respectively). Details for additional performances will be announced the week of the shows.
- The venue for the April 20 show in Madison, Wis. is Indie Coffee.

Full details are available on the Shows page.

Tiger Pop Tour Two

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

More dates have been added for the Tiger Pop Ten Tour. All dates subject to change. SXSW dates and Los Angeles CD-release show to be announced soon. Complete details are available on the shows page.

March 14 – Republic Coffee, Memphis TN * March 21 – Opening Bell Coffee, Dallas TX * March 29 – The Talking Stick, Venice CA * March 30 – TRiP, Santa Monica CA * March 31 – Motley Coffeehouse at Scripps College, Claremont CA * April 3 – Soda Bar, San Diego CA * April 6 – Linnaea’s, San Luis Obispo CA * April 7 – The Ugly Mug, Soquel CA * April 8 – Brainwash, San Francisco CA * April 9 – Vintage Wine Bar, Redding CA * April 10 – Hawthorne Theater Lounge, Portland OR * April 11 – Mandolin Cafe, Tacoma WA * April 12 – High Dive, Seattle WA * April 13 – The Chill Spot, Spokane WA * April 14 – Liquid Lounge, Boise ID * April 15 – Alchemy Coffee, Salt Lake City UT * April 16 – Mercury Cafe, Denver CO * April 17 – The Laughing Goat, Boulder CO * April 18 – Side Door Lounge, Omaha NE * April 19 – Cause Spirits and Soundbar, Minneapolis MN * April 20 – TBA, Madison WI * April 21 – Mad Planet, Milwaukee WI * April 22 – Elbo Room, Chicago IL * April 24 – Sitwell’s Coffee House, Cincinnati OH * April 25 – Bethel Road Pub, Columbus OH * April 26 – Brillobox, Pittsburgh PA

The Road to Tiger Pop Ten

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

The limited edition 2-CD set Tiger Pop Ten is scheduled for release on April 5. Here’s what it looks like:

To celebrate the release, John is setting out on his biggest solo tour to date, a full U.S. run that will include several shows during SXSW in March and his first West Coast dates in eight years. The tentative schedule for the first leg follows. Any changes will be posted on the Shows page, but always be sure to check with the venue if you have any questions.

March 4 – The Fire, Philadelphia PA * March 5 – Fuel House Coffee, Vineland NJ * March 6 – Mojo Main, Newark DE * March 7 – The Triple, Richmond VA * March 8 – Slim’s Downtown, Raleigh NC * March 9 – Awendaw Green, Awendaw SC * March 10 – TBA, Savannah GA * March 11 – The White Mule, Columbia SC * March 12 – The Music Room, Atlanta GA * March 13 – The Listening Room, Nashville TN (late show TBA) * March 14 – TBA, Memphis TN * March 15 – The Naked Bean, Shreveport LA * March 16-20 – SXSW, Austin TX * March 21 – TBA, Dallas TX * March 22 – The 806, Amarillo TX * March 23 – Blackbird Buvette, Albuquerque NM * March 24 – TBA, Flagstaff AZ * March 25 – The Beat Coffeehouse and Records, Las Vegas NV * March 26 – TBA * March 27 – Lestat’s, San Diego CA


Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

I’m in the throes of tour booking. Currently planning a spring trip that will be my longest ever–down the East Coast and through the Southeast, a week in Austin for SXSW, across to Los Angeles for a bit, up the West Coast, and back across the states. If anyone wants to help book a show or a house concert, please get in touch.

Sending out dozens and dozens of booking e-mails also means staying up way too late and watching old horror movies. Tonight’s selection is Italian director Lucio Fulci‘s 1981 zombie gorefest The Beyond (aka Seven Doors of Death). I really wasn’t all that freaked out until the tarantulas started eating the dude’s face. (The scene is on YouTube. Look it up. I’m not about to make you watch it.)

The trailer from the recent US DVD release is below. The original trailer isn’t embeddable, but you can see it here. (Warning: It’s rather graphic.) If you’re a fan of gratuitous gore, this is about as good as it gets. They don’t call Fulci the “king of the eyeball gag” for nothing.