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Elliott Smith

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Elliott Smith passed away 10 years ago this week.

Nearly every one of Elliott’s songs speaks to me on a personal level, whether lyrically or musically or (usually) both. I’ve yet to come across another songwriter with that kind of track record.

To pay homage to a fallen hero, I present The Last Hour: A Lo-Fi Tribute to Elliott Smith. The album’s 15 songs retrace Elliott’s final public performance, from Sept. 2003 in Salt Lake City.

The full album is available now at You can download the album on a donate-what-you-like basis.

All proceeds benefit New Alternatives for LGBT Homeless Youth. Find out more at

The Last Hour was recorded on 4-track cassette in my living room, mostly over the course of the last two weeks. It’s pretty raw, but I dig that kind of thing. I think you will too.