1/6: The Living Room, NYC
1/31: ZirZamin, NYC
2/9: Ella Lounge, NYC (band)
11/23 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)
2/26: The Black Cat, Washington DC (w/Benjamin Francis Leftwich)
2/27: Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn NY
3/20: The Bitter End, NYC (Leave A Lasting Mark Motown tribute)
3/23: The Mad Batter, Cape May NJ (SS Cape May Festival, w/Megan Slankard)
3/28: Union Hall, Brooklyn NY (band, Weezer cover set)
4/6: Brooklyn Headsets taping, Brooklyn NY
4/7: Ace Hotel, NYC
4/11: Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn NY
4/27: Blue 82, Albany NY (MOVE Music Festival)
5/8: The Bowery Electric, NYC (band)
5/14: The Bitter End, NYC (1993 tribute)
6/11: Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn NY (w/Trixie Whitley)
6/22: Tin Angel, Philadelphia PA (w/Todd Park Mohr)
6/23: Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton MA (w/Todd Park Mohr)
7/21: The Bowery Electric, NYC
8/2: Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn NY
8/10: Alley Park, Hudson, NY (Hudson Music Fest)
8/12: WEXT 97.7 FM, East Greenbush NY (interview and performance)
8/17: The Living Room, NYC (Little Hopes release show)
8/27: Santos Anne, Brooklyn NY
9/12: The Linda, Albany NY (w/Goldspot)
9/23: The Bitter End, NYC (Leave A Lasting Mark Huey Lewis tribute)
10/20: Googie’s Lounge at the Living Room, NYC
10/28: Spike Hill, Brooklyn NY
11/20: Rodeo Bar, NYC (Lou Reed tribute)
11/21: Bar Chord, Brooklyn NY (Lou Reed tribute)
11/22: The Legendary Dobbs, Philadelphia PA (w/Mark Schwaber)
11/23: Tree House Lounge, Washington DC (w/Mark Schwaber)
11/24: house concert, Brooklyn NY (w/Mark Schwaber)
11/29: Luthier’s Co-Op, Easthampton MA (w/Mark Schwaber)
11/30: The Lily Pad, Cambridge MA (w/Mark Schwaber & Mary Lou Lord)

2/6: Rockwood Music Hall, NYC
2/10: Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn NY
2/14: Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn NY
2/17: Maxwell’s, Hoboken NJ (w/Scud Mountain Boys)
2/18: Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia PA (w/Scud Mountain Boys)
2/19: Black Cat, Washington DC (w/Scud Mountain Boys)
3/19: The Local 269, NYC (w/Liam Ó Maonlaí)
4/13: American Folk Art Museum, NYC
5/9: The Living Room, NYC
5/12: Doug’s on Main Street, Bennington VT
5/13: Washington Park, Albany NY (Tulip Festival)
5/17: Blue, Portland ME
6/21: Tramway Plaza, NYC (Make Music New York)
6/21: Ralph Bunche Park, NYC (Make Music New York)
6/21: NYPL Westchester Square, Bronx (Make Music New York)
7/19: Dream Away Lodge, Becket MA
7/21: Putnam Den, Saratoga Springs NY
7/25: Googie’s Lounge @ The Living Room, NYC
8/26: Zirzamin, NYC
10/12: Valentine’s, Albany NY (JB w/Charmboy)
10/19: Empire State Plaza, Albany NY (JB w/Charmboy)
10/22: The Bitter End, NYC (Leave A Lasting Mark “CBGB” concert)
11/23: Rockwood Music Hall, NYC (Leave A Lasting Mark “The Last Waltz” concert)
12/18: The Living Room, NYC

1/1: The Living Room, NYC (band, w/David Poe)
1/13: Bar Four, Brooklyn NY (band)
1/24: the Delancey, NYC
2/17: Public Assembly, Brooklyn NY
2/18: American Folk Art Museum, NYC
2/23: The Grape Room, Philadelphia PA (band)
2/24: Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn NY (band)
3/4: The 10! Show, NBC, Philadelphia PA
3/4: The Fire, Philadelphia PA
3/5: Fuel House Coffee Co, Vineland NJ
3/6: Mojo Main, Newark DE
3/7: The Triple, Richmond VA
3/8: Slim’s Downtown, Raleigh NC (w/X Ray Eyeballs)
3/9: Village Tavern, Charleston SC
3/10: Lulu’s Chocolate Bar, Savannah GA
3/11: The White Mule, Columbia SC
3/12: The Music Room at Pizzeria Vesuvius, Atlanta GA (band)
3/13: The Listening Room, Nashville TN
3/14: Republic Coffee, Memphis TN
3/15: Naked Bean Cafe, Shreveport LA
3/16: Caritas of Austin Community Kitchen, Austin TX (South by Soup Fest benefit)
3/16: Bayou Lounge, Austin TX (ATN Showcase)
3/17: Armadillo Hall, Taylor TX (Armadillo Fest)
3/18: Flipnotics Coffeespace, Austin TX (FXNC showcase, band)
3/19: Indie Inc., Austin TX
3/19: The Dizzy Rooster, Austin TX (RedGorilla Fest, band)
3/19: Uncorked Wine Bar, Austin TX
3/20: Super Happy Fun Land, Houston TX (SXSW Overflow Fest, band)
3/21: Opening Bell Coffee, Dallas TX (w/Megan Slankard)
3/22: The 806, Amarillo TX
3/23: Blackbird Buvette, Albuquerque NM
3/24: Campus Coffee Bean, Flagstaff AZ
3/25: The Beat Coffeehouse and Records, Las Vegas NV
3/26: Hidden House Coffee, San Juan Capistrano CA
3/27: Lestat’s, San Diego CA
3/29: Talking Stick Coffeehouse, Venice CA
3/30: Trip, Santa Monica CA
3/31: Motley Coffeehouse, Scripps College, Claremont CA
4/3: Soda Bar, San Diego CA
4/4: Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles CA (CD release show, w/Graham Colton)
4/6: Linnaea’s Cafe, San Luis Obispo CA
4/7: The Ugly Mug, Soquel CA
4/8: Brainwash, San Francisco CA
4/9: Vintage Wine Bar, Redding CA
4/10: Hawthorne Theater Lounge, Portland OR
4/15: Alchemy Coffee, Salt Lake City UT
4/15: The Woodshed, Salt Lake City UT
4/16: The Walnut Room Pizzeria, Denver CO
4/16: Mercury Cafe, Denver CO
4/17: The Laughing Goat, Boulder CO
4/18: Side Door Lounge, Omaha NE
4/19: Cause Spirits and Soundbar, Minneapolis MN
4/20: Indie Coffee, Madison WI
4/21: Mad Planet, Milwaukee WI
4/22: Fearless Radio taping, Chicago IL
4/22: Elbo Room, Chicago IL (band, w/V Sparks)
4/23: Chicago Acoustic Underground taping, Chicago IL
4/24: Sitwell’s Coffeehouse, Cincinnati OH
4/25: Bethel Road Pub, Columbus OH
4/26: Brillobox, Pittsburgh PA (w/Action Camp)
5/13: The Living Room, NYC (CD  release show, band)
5/19: WEXT 97.7 FM, East Greenbush NY (interview and performance)
5/21: The Eighth Step at Proctors, Schenectady NY (CD release show, band)
6/3: Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, NYC (WNYC Battle of the Boroughs, w/strings)
6/21: Vintage Thrift, NYC (Make Music New York)
6/29: Union Hall, Brooklyn
7/29: Je’bon, NYC
8/6: Cin-M-Art Space 43, NYC
8/16: Googie’s Lounge at the Living Room, NYC (The Deli songwriting competition)
8/25: Lizard Lounge, Cambridge MA (w/Joe Pernice)
8/30: Googie’s Lounge at the Living Room, NYC (The Deli songwriting competition finals)
9/9: Bar Thalia at Symphony Space, NYC
10/29: CultureFix, NYC
11/3: Bar Thalia at Symphony Space, NYC
11/4: Market Market Cafe, Rosendale NY (w/Amber Rubarth)
11/16: LIC Bar, Queens NY

1/20: Bar Matchless, Brooklyn NY (band, showcase)
1/23: the Patio, Brooklyn NY (Nilsson tribute)
1/30: Valentine’s, Albany NY (band)
2/4: Tin Angel, Philadelphia PA (w/Greg Laswell)
2/11: taping, Serious Business Music, NYC (interview and performance)
2/13: DC9, Washington DC (w/Greg Laswell)
2/17: Rew and Who show taping, NYC
3/5: Lark Tavern, Albany NY (band)
3/6: Pianos, NYC
3/12: Fontana’s, NYC
3/17: The Backline Show taping, Austin TX (interview only)
3/18: Cuba Libre, Austin TX
3/19: Kick Butt Coffee, Austin TX
3/19: Blu, Austin TX (band)
3/20: Treasure Island, Austin TX (band)
3/20: Bayou Lounge, Austin TX (band)
3/29: Galaxy Hut, Arlington VA
4/9: WKZQ, Myrtle Beach SC (interview only)
4/11: Alley Katz, Richmond VA (w/Tim Brantley)
4/12: The Darjeeling Cafe, Staunton VA
4/13: Slim’s Downtown, Raleigh NC
4/14: The Tipsy Gypsy, Greenville SC
4/15: the Basement, Myrtle Beach SC
4/16: Zakk’s Coffeehouse, Murfreesboro NC
4/17: the Salvador Deli, Charlotte NC
4/18: Root Bar No. 1, Asheville NC
4/19: the Acoustic Coffeehouse, Johnson City TN
4/20: the Purple Fiddle, Thomas WV
4/21: Howler’s Coyote Cafe, Pittsburgh PA
4/22: Milkboy Coffee, Bryn Mawr PA
4/24: The Giving Tree Yoga Studio, Queens NY
4/25: The Living Room, NYC (Big Star tribute)
4/30: Larry’s, Danbury CT (band)
5/1: Valentine’s, Albany NY (band, w/The Whigs)
5/4: House show, Brooklyn NY (Woody Guthrie happening)
5/5: the Laughing Goat, Boulder CO
5/6: Lion’s Lair, Denver CO
5/7: Tap Room at Catalyst, Ft Collins CO
5/11: Arlene’s Grocery, NYC (No Pulp Music showcase)
5/14: Lizard Lounge, Cambridge MA (w/Jim Boggia)
5/21: Bus Stop Music Cafe, Pitman NJ
5/22: Washington Park, Albany NY (Lark Tavern fundraiser)
6/10: The Linda, Albany NY (Lark Tavern fundraiser)
6/11: National Underground, NYC (band)
6/12: Marketplace Gallery, Albany NYC
6/23: The Living Room, NYC
7/16: Putnam Den, Saratoga Springs, NY (The Suggestions, w/Paranoid Social Club)
7/23: American Folk Art Museum, NYC
7/30: Angels and Kings, NYC
7/31: Riverlink Park, Amsterdam, NY (w/Sean Rowe, Railbird)
8/8: Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY
9/2: Think Coffee, NYC
9/19: Best Buy Stage at Broadway, NYC
9/29: Rew & Who show taping, NYC
9/30: Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY
10/9: the Egg, Albany, NY (Capital Area Indie Fest)
10/11: Cameo, Brooklyn, NY (John Lennon birthday show)
10/16: Theater at University Settlement Camp, Beacon, NY (“In The Pines,” band)
11/11: Kenny’s Castaways, NYC (International Pop Overthrow)

1/24: WSPN 91.1 FM, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs NY (interview & performance)
1/29: Gaffney’s, Saratoga Springs NY
1/31: Lark Tavern, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday, w/Railbird)
2/6: Lit Lounge, NYC (Maggie Mayday, w/Ten Minute Turns)
2/21: Alphabet Lounge, NYC (Maggie Mayday)
2/26: WEXT 97.7 FM, East Greenbush NY (interview and performance)
3/11:, Guilderland NY (interview and performance)
3/12: The Listening Room, Whistling Willie’s, Cold Spring NY (songwriters round)
3/13: Lark Tavern, Albany NY (band)
3/14: the Living Room, NYC
3/15: El Rancho Grande, Baltimore MD
3/16: Deep South the Bar, Raleigh NC
3/17: Hi-Ho Lounge, New Orleans LA (w/Suckers, Flying Eyes)
3/18: Flipnotics, Austin TX
3/19: Irie Bean Coffee Bar, Austin TX
3/27: Lit Lounge, NYC (Maggie Mayday)
3/28: Revolution Hall, Troy NY (Maggie Mayday, w/Sirsy, Stepanian)
4/11: Zuzu’s, Beacon NY
4/17: the Delancey, NYC
4/18: the Rusty Rudder, Dewey Beach DE (Dewey Beach Pop Fest)
4/20: Rockwood Music Hall, NYC
4/26: Pianos, NYC
4/28: Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn (Maggie Mayday)
5/10: Tulip Festival, Washington Park, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)
5/15: Lit Lounge, NYC (Maggie Mayday)
5/16: Zuzu’s, Beacon NY (Maggie Mayday)
6/9: WEXT 97.7 FM, East Greenbush NY (interview and performance)
8/5: 92Y Tribeca, NYC
8/19: Trophy Bar, Brooklyn
8/25: Arlene’s Grocery, NYC (No Pulp Music showcase)
9/10: Bowery Electric, NYC (Maggie Mayday, popRocks showcase)
10/9: Red Square, Albany NY
10/21: Coco 66, Brooklyn (host/performer at “CMJ Retreat”)
11/3: Kenny’s Castaways, NYC (band) (International Pop Overthrow)
11/10: 92Y Tribeca, NYC (“Songs from Wes Anderson films”)
11/13: Jillian’s, Albany NY (band, w/Asteroids Galaxy Tour)
11/16: Angels and Kings, NYC
12/8: Cake Shop, NYC (host/performer at “Pizza vs. Cancer” benefit)
12/21: the Living Room, NYC

1/17 Arlene’s Grocery, NYC (Maggie Mayday)
1/25 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday, Buckley Fire Benefit)
2/1 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)
3/14 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)
4/6 Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Albany (Maggie Mayday, w/VHS or Beta)
4/17 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)
5/4 Lark Tavern, Albany NY
6/14 The Living Room, NYC
7/21 Rockwood Music Hall, NYC
8/7: Rehab, NYC (Maggie Mayday)
8/27: CRUMBS Radio taping, Guilderland NY (interview and performance)
8/29: The Living Room, NYC
9/19: Lark Tavern, Albany (Maggie Mayday)
9/20: Larkfest, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)
9/21: Lark Tavern, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday, cancer benefit)
9/29: Rockwood Music Hall, NYC
10/20: Bar Matchless, Brooklyn NY (Maggie Mayday)
10/31: Lark Tavern, Albany NY (“Why Can’t I Be You 5”)
11/2: Zuzu’s, Beacon NY
11/6: The Delancey, NYC (duo)
11/10: Kenny’s Castaways, NYC
12/4 Red Square, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)

2/20 Lark Tavern, Albany
2/27 Lark Tavern, Albany (w/Mohair)
3/2 Skyline Pub, Albany NY
3/16 Rockwood Music Hall, NYC
6/2 The Brass Cat, Easthampton MA (Maggie Mayday)
6/8 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)
7/13 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (Suggestions/Maggie Mayday)
7/30: Saratoga PAC, Saratoga Springs NY (Maggie Mayday, EQXfest w/311, TV On The Radio, more)
9/8 The Parting Glass, Saratoga NY (Maggie Mayday)
9/20 Rockwood Music Hall, NYC (Maggie Mayday)
9/22 The Brass Cat, Easthampton MA (Maggie Mayday)
10/10 Revolution Hall, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday, w/The Bravery, Run Run Run)
10/12 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)
10/13 The Brass Cat, Easthampton MA (Maggie Mayday)
10/17 169 Bar, NYC
10/18 Bowery Poetry Club, NYC (Maggie Mayday, w/Run Run Run)
11/9 Skyline Pub, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)
11/17 Schenectady Holiday Parade, Schenectady NY (Maggie Mayday)
11/23 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)
12/7 Ballinger’s, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)
12/14 Lark Tavern, Albany NY
12/20 Red Square, Albany NY (Maggie Mayday)

4/23 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (Paddy Kilrain benefit)
5/25 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (Suggestions)
5/26 Rockwood Music Hall, NYC (Suggestions)
5/27 Dream Away Lodge, Becket MA (Suggestions)
6/10 Art on Lark, Albany NY
6/29 Lark Tavern, Albany NY
10/29 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (“Why Can’t I Be You IV”)
11/17 Children’s Hospital at Albany Med, Albany NY (Rock Lite benefit)
11/24 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (w/Mark Mulcahy)
12/21 La Cocina, Pittsfield MA
12/30 Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

3/29 Lark Street Bookshop, Albany NY
4/1 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (“Why Can’t I Be You 3”)
4/15 Revolution Hall, Troy NY (w/Glenn Tilbrook)
4/24 Record Emporium, Chicago (in-store performance)
4/25 Schuba’s, Chicago (International Pop Overthrow)
7/29 Lizard Lounge, Cambridge MA (w/Mike Viola, Jim Boggia)
8/5 Mill Creek Tavern, Philadelphia PA
8/6 The Living Room, NYC
9/9 Joe’s Pub, NYC (w/David Poe)
9/10 Abbey Lounge, Somerville MA
10/8 YMCA, Saratoga NY (benefit show)
10/10 Knitting Factory, NYC
10/11 Sorum House, Union College, Schenectady NY
10/12 Cafe Nine, New Haven CT
10/13 The Blackstone, Cumberland RI
10/14 Abbey Lounge, Somerville MA
10/15 (early) All Asia, Cambridge MA
10/15 (late) Alphabet Lounge, NYC
10/16 Shadow Lounge, Pittsburgh PA
10/17 Andyman’s Treehouse, Columbus OH
10/18 Jackson Avenue Coffee, Charleston IL
10/19 Uncommon Ground, Chicago IL
10/20 Hexagon Bar, Minneapolis MN
10/21 Bremen Cafe, Milwaukee WI
10/22 Wilbert’s, Cleveland OH
11/2 Valentine’s, Albany NY
11/4 Pontiac Grille, Philadelphia PA (International Pop Overthrow)
11/5 Lark Tavern, Albany NY
11/18 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (Jeff Buckley tribute)
11/25 Lizard Lounge, Cambridge MA (w/Mike Viola, Bleu)
12/3 Valentine’s, Albany NY (“Not Quite New Year’s” fest)
12/8 Red Square, Albany NY (w/A’tris)
12/9 La Cocina, Pittsfield MA (w/Hector on Stilts)

1/18 The Larkin, Albany NY
3/4 Pickle Barrel Nightclub, Killington Vt. (Suggestions, w/ dada)
3/5 Lark Tavern, Albany (Suggestions, w/Josh Dodes Band)
3/11 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Buk! A Tribute to Charles Bukowski)
4/1 Saratoga City Tavern, Saratoga Springs NY

4/17 The Larkin, Albany NY
7/14 Empire State Plaza, Albany (Suggestions, w/Fountains of Wayne)
8/6 Valentine’s, Albany NY (“Figure 8: A Tribute to the Music of Elliott Smith”)
8/31 Lark Street Book Shop, Albany NY
9/2 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (w/Brett Rosenberg)
9/3 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Big Pop Barbecue 2, w/Mike Viola, Damnwells, more)
9/18 Larkfest, Albany NY (Suggestions, w/Kamikaze Hearts, Sean Rowe, Super 400, more)
10/2 Bomber’s, Albany NY (Voter Awareness fest)

10/22 Lark Tavern, Albany NY

1/11 Mercury Lounge, NYC (Suggestions)
2/27 The Lionheart, Albany (Suggestions, Closing Night Party)
3/1 The Foggy Goggle, Bondville VT (Suggestions, w/Paranoid Social Club)
3/7 The Larkin, Albany NY
3/9 Bridge Street Music Hall, Syracuse NY (Suggestions, w/the Churchills)
3/17 Lakeside Lounge, NYC (Suggestions)
3/21 Chameleon Club, Lancaster PA (Suggestions, w/Parallax Project)
3/22 Galaxy Hut, Arlington VA (Suggestions, w/Alice Despard)
3/23 Local 506, Chapel Hill NC (Suggestions)
3/24 Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta GA (Suggestions)
3/25 Slow Bar, Nashville TN (Suggestions)
3/26 Underground City Tavern, Springfield IL (Suggestions)
3/27 Three-1-Three, Belleville IL (Suggestions)
3/28 Wise Fools Pub, Chicago IL (Suggestions, w/Wes Hollywood)
3/29 Oldfield’s On High, Columbus OH (Suggestions)
3/30 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
4/11 Kendall Cafe, Cambridge MA (Suggestions)
4/12 Harry’s, Northampton MA (Suggestions)
4/17 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions, WHRL “Most Original Band” Contest)
4/18 The Continental, Buffalo NY (Suggestions, w/2 Skinnee J’s)
4/25 The Other End, Drew University, Madison NJ (Suggestions)
4/26 The Rusty Rudder, Dewey Beach DE (Suggestions, Dewey Beach Popfest)
4/28 The Lionheart, Albany NY
5/2 Northern Lights, Clifton Park NY (Suggestions, w/Vertical Horizon)
5/13 The Larkin, Albany NY
5/14 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions, w/Rooney)
5/29 Northern Lights, Clifton Park NY (Suggestions, w/SR-71, Wes McDonough)
5/31 The Glenville Spot, Glenville NY (Suggestions, the BUMRock Show)
6/14 Revolution Hall, Troy NY (Suggestions, Benefit for Regional Food Bank)
6/24 Lark Street Bookshop, Albany NY
6/26 Makor, NYC (w/Freedy Johnston)
7/10 The Big Easy, Portland ME (Suggestions)
7/11 Harry’s, Northampton MA (Suggestions)
7/12 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions, Big Pop Barbecue)
7/19 The Larkin, Albany NY
8/19 The Larkin, Albany NY
8/27 Chapel + Cultural Center, Troy NY (Suggestions, “Mean Time” arts fest)
9/5 The Linwood, Boston MA (Suggestions, NEMO Music Festival)
9/6 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Tom Waits tribute)
9/20 Valentine’s, Albany NY (“Night In The Ruts: A Tribute to Aerosmith”)
10/13 Kendall Cafe, Cambridge MA
10/31 The Larkin, Albany NY (“Why Can’t I Be You, Too”)
11/21 T.T. The Bear’s Place, Cambridge MA (Suggestions, International Pop Overthrow)
12/6 Valentine’s, Albany NY (“Feedback” Food Pantry Benefit)
12/26 Lark Tavern, Albany NY (Suggestions)

1/5 The Living Room, NYC
1/25 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
1/27 College of Saint Rose, Albany NY (Suggestions)
2/14 Northsix, Brooklyn NY (Suggestions, NY Metropolis Fest w/Damnwells, more)
2/23 The Larkin, Albany NY
4/6 The Larkin, Albany NY (w/Frank Bango, Don Piper)
4/7 The Eighth Step @ Cohoes Music Hall, Cohoes NY (“Songs from a Fishbowl”)
4/10 Northern Lights, Clifton Park NY (Suggestions, w/O.A.R.)
4/19 Valentine’s, Albany NY (w/The Rosenbergs)
4/26 Kendall Cafe, Cambridge MA (Suggestions)
5/26 The Larkin, Albany NY (Suggestions)
6/1 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Gram Parsons Tribute)
6/22 The Larkin, Albany NY (w/Angie Aparo)
6/28 Border’s Books and Music, Saratoga Springs NY (Songwriters Round)
6/29 Border’s Books and Music, Albany NY (Songwriters Round)
7/4 The Elbow Room, Ypsilanti MI (Suggestions)
7/6 Wise Fools Pub, Chicago IL (Suggestions, w/Wes Hollywood)
7/18 Kendall Cafe, Cambridge MA (Suggestions)
7/19 (early) Downtime, NYC (Suggestions)
7/19 (late) Arlene’s Grocery, NYC (Suggestions)
7/25 Lava Lounge, Hollywood CA (Suggestions)
7/27 The Joint, Los Angeles CA (Suggestions, International Pop Overthrow festival)
8/1 The Khyber, Philadelphia PA (Suggestions)
8/10 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions/host, Brilliant Mistakes: A Tribute to Elvis Costello)
8/21 Bar B, NYC
8/23 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Black Sabbath Tribute)
8/24 Flywheel, Easthampton MA (Suggestions, w/Pernice Brothers)
8/31 The Green Room, Providence RI (Suggestions)
9/5 Lakeside Lounge, NYC (Suggestions)
9/7 Northern Lights, Clifton Park NY (w/Tim Reynolds)
9/21 The Larkin, Albany NY
10/7 The Larkin, Albany NY
10/9 The Fire, Philadelphia PA (duo)
10/10 Local 506, Chapel Hill NC (band, Sparklefest)
10/11 Velvet Lounge, Washington DC (duo)
10/12 Three Bean Coffee Company, Haddonfield NJ (duo)
10/13 The Living Room, NYC (duo)
10/20 The Larkin, Albany NY
10/22 Valentine’s, Albany NY
11/2 Northern Lights, Clifton Park NY (duo)
11/20 Lakeside Lounge, NYC (Suggestions)
11/27 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
12/3 T.T. The Bear’s Place, Cambridge MA (Suggestions)
12/7 Maxwell’s, Hoboken NJ (Suggestions, International Pop Overthrow)
12/14 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions, w/The Figgs)

1/25 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
1/28 The Lionheart, Albany NY
2/3 Valentine’s, Albany NY
2/12 Mercury Lounge, NYC
2/20 Valentine’s, Albany NY
2/23 Borders Books and Music, Albany NY
2/24 “Sounding Board” Taping, Time Warner Cable, Albany NY
3/4 The Lionheart, Albany NY
3/9 Valentine’s, Albany NY
3/30 Desperate Annie’s, Saratoga Springs NY
3/31 The Ale House, Troy NY
4/1 The Lionheart, Albany NY (“Why Can’t I Be You”)
4/20 Lark Tavern, Albany NY
4/24 The Lionheart, Albany NY
4/27 The Larkin, Albany NY
5/3 Fire and Water Cafe, Northampton MA
5/5 The Larkin, Albany NY
5/13 The Larkin, Albany NY
5/19 Lark Tavern, Albany NY
5/25 The Larkin, Albany NY
5/31 Valentine’s, Albany NY
6/28 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
7/5 Manette Saloon, Bremerton WA
7/14 Valentine’s Music Hall, Albany NY
7/22 The Lionheart, Albany NY (Suggestions)
7/28 The Larkin, Albany NY
7/31 The Lionheart, Albany NY
8/3 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
8/11 Tawasentha Park, Guilderland NY (Suggestions)
8/20 The C-Note, NYC
8/22 Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs NY
8/24 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
8/25 Shepard’s Park, Lake George NY (Suggestions)
9/4 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
9/11 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
9/18 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
9/25 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
10/11 The Living Room, NYC (CMJ Music Marathon)
11/3 Pickle Barrel Nightclub, Killington Vt. (w/They Might Be Giants)
11/21 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
11/24 The Larkin, Albany NY (Suggestions)
12/9 Arlene Grocery, NYC (Suggestions, International Pop Overthrow)
12/14 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions)
12/15 The Larkin, Albany NY (Tot Finder)
12/31 Bailey’s Cafe, Saratoga NY (Suggestions)

6/26 The Big Easy, Boston MA (Salem Talent Showcase)
8/22 Valentine’s, Albany NY
9/12 Valentine’s, Albany NY
9/16 Serrao’s, Albany NY(br />
10/6 Mother Earth Cafe, Albany NY
10/7 Rock’N Walk, Albany NY
10/18 The Lionheart, Albany NY
11/7 Valentine’s, Albany NY
12/15 Valentine’s, Albany NY (Suggestions, CD release)